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My Retirement

When I retire, I'm going to ....

    ... feel like a million dollars every day    ... catch the one that got away  

   ... fill my shelves with books I've read    ... and live life on the edge    


     Not your cup of tea?  

Tell us your story and we'll help you make it happen.

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Phone us on (08) 8862 1229 for Balaklava or (08) 8272 8600 for Wayville.

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"Our business is a people business and we consider
the referral of your friends and acquaintances as the greatest compliment"

MIPA Financial Network Pty Ltd (ABN 12 096 045 591)
Corporate Authorised Representative
Charter Financial Planning Limited ABN 35 002 976 294
Australian Financial Services Licensee Licence number 234665
Principal Address: Level 24, 33 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 2000

MIPA Financial Network Pty Ltd trades as MAP Financial Strategies and MyGen Financial Strategies. The group incorporates Business & Investment Consultants Australia Pty Ltd trading as Business & Investment Consultants Australia.
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